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De-automatize – Smoking meditation – Osho

Smoking meditation A man came to me. He had been suffering from chain-smoking for thirty years. He was ill and the doctors said, “You will never be healthy, if you don’t stop smoking.” But he was a chronic smoker; he could not help it. He had tried – not that he had not tried – […]



Identity ~ From the book, “The First Muslim,” by Lesley Hazleton In much of the world today, the question, “Where are you from?” is answered with either where you were born or where you grew up. to a greater or lesser extent, your childhood home still defines you.   One way or another, whether gladly […]

Loneliness and “Maya” – Illusion – From the book, “Living with the Himalayan masters.”

I am never lonely. A lonely person is one who is not aware of the complete fullness within. When you become dependent on something outside without having awareness of the reality within you, then you will indeed be lonely. The whole search for enlightenment is to seek within, to become aware that you are complete […]

To be watchful ~ Osho

Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum ( To such heights of evil are men driven by religion.) ~ Lucretius, De Rerum Natura A story I have loved…. ~ Osho Ta Hui is saying, “I am not using these words to deceive anyone; I am not trying to show my knowledge; I am not trying to pretend […]

If you knew the…

If you knew the journey beforehand, you’d learn nothing along the way….