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De-automatize – Smoking meditation – Osho

Smoking meditation A man came to me. He had been suffering from chain-smoking for thirty years. He was ill and the doctors said, “You will never be healthy, if you don’t stop smoking.” But he was a chronic smoker; he could not help it. He had tried – not that he had not tried – […]

Awareness ~ Osho

Your total state of mind has to be transformed – and that is the meaning of awareness. You are in the past, in the future; that means you are in the mind. The mind is the name of the wrong room. Come out of the mind! Be in the present… and when you are in […]

Love ~ by Osho – From the book Moral, Immoral , Amoral

Love is a by-product of being in  tune with the infinite; it follows just like a shadow, it is a consequence. Buddha never searched for love; love just came to him. Jesus never thought about love; he lived love. The search for love cannot be direct – it is such a subtle perfume that you […]

Surrender by Osho

First, surrender is possible only if you have a will. Ordinarily people think that a man who has a will, will not be able to surrender. People think that weaklings, those whose wills are not very strong, can surrender. That is not right. Only very, very willed people, who have a strong willpower, can surrender […]

Love ~ Excerpt from Paulo Coelho’s book

From the book, “Manuscript found in Accra” by Paulo Coelho And a woman who was getting on in years and had never found a husband, said: “Love has always passed me by.” And he answered: In order to hear Love’s words, you must allow Love to approach. However, when it does draw near, we fear […]


The habit of rush From the book, Change your posture, change your life ~ Richard Brennan

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.   “Whoever forces time is pushed back by time; whoever yields to time finds time on his side” ~ Talmud There is never enough time to do a job properly, but there is always time […]