Love ~ by Osho – From the book Moral, Immoral , Amoral

Love is a by-product of being in  tune with the infinite; it follows just like a shadow, it is a consequence.

Buddha never searched for love; love just came to him. Jesus never thought about love; he lived love.

The search for love cannot be direct – it is such a subtle perfume that you cannot search for it directly. It comes as a by-product of the realisation that everything is one, a by-product of comprehending that God exists in your enemy and in your friend.

Love comes when you are not, when the ego is not there. And the ego is not there, you are not, when you are not ambitious.

A non-ambitious moment is a moment of meditation. In a non ambitious moment, when you are seeking nothing, asking for nothing, praying for nothing; when you are totally satisfied with what you are, not comparing yourself with anybody else – in that moment, yout touch the deep reservoir of the divine. You are not just in contact with it, you are deeply in it: you are one with it.

Then love flows. Then you cannot do otherwise; you can only be loving. Then love is not the opposite of hate. There is neither love as we have known it nor hate as we have known it; both have ceased. Now quite a different quality of love, in a very new dimension, grows in you.

This love is a state of mind, not a relationship. It is not related to anybody; it is not that you love someone; rather, it is that you are loving.

You are in love, you live in love. It has become your perfume.

Love is there, the perfume is there, even when you are alone – like a flower on a lonely path. No one passes, but the flower is there with its perfume. No one is there to know, to enjoy, but the perfume goes on silently spreading because it is not addressed to anyone. The perfume is there becase that is the manifestation of the innermost nature of the flower. The flower is blissful, and the perfume is part of its nature. There is no effort to spread it – it is effortless.

When ego is not, love comes as a perfume – as a flowering of your heart. Then it goes on spreading.

You have to pass through the dark night of the soul to come to the dawn. You cannot ask what dawn is. You have to pass through the dark night to know it.

Religion is basically the science of creating consciousness in you. Become more meditative, become more conscious.

Out of that consciousness a very  flexible, spontaneous character is born, which changes every day with the situation, which is not attached to the past, which is not like something ready-made.

The act which becomes a karma is the act that is not really an act but a reaction which comes from the past, from memory, from thinking. You are the decider, the chooser. It is not out of awareness, but unawareness. Then it is all sin.

Be aware. Bring awareness to your life.

If the past is there, you are not aware. If the future is there, you are not aware. Awareness means presence in the present.  Just be here this moment. Even if a single thought passes inside you, you are not aware. To be in a thought process is to be asleep. Not to be in a thought process is to be awake.

If your wife is making love to you because it is her duty to make love to the husband whenever the husband wants, it is rape. If she is not really in it, it is rape. She is simply fulfilling the duties of a wife. If you are making love to your woman and not being totally present in that moment, it is rape. The woman is raping you; you are raping her.

Love is love only when it is meditative. Love is love only when there is great awareness from both sides. Two nows meeting, two here’s meeting, two presences merging, melting into each other – then it is love, and then it has a spiritual quality to it.


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