Awareness ~ Osho

Your total state of mind has to be transformed – and that is the meaning of awareness.

You are in the past, in the future; that means you are in the mind. The mind is the name of the wrong room. Come out of the mind!

Be in the present… and when you are in the present, you are not part of the mind. Then each act has tremendous clarity, because you are a mirror. And there is no dust on the mirror, because there is no thinking going on.

A friend has asked a question: Why in India is there so much public violence?

It is because of the teachings of nonviolence. For five thousand years people have been taught to be nonviolent; they have learnt the trick of pretending. And all that has happened is that they have repressed their violence.

They are sitting on volcanoes – any excuse, any small excuse, and the violence is triggered. Then it goes on spreading like wildfire.

That’s what Zen masters say is the utmost in religiousness – when hungry eat, when feeling sleepy go to sleep. Let life flow; don’t interfere.

You value a thing only when you make an effort for it, when you strive for it, andd when it takes a long journey to come to it.

Every child has to lose track, every child has to go astray. Only by going astray, only by suffering will he attain eyes, clarity, transparency. Only by going into a thousand and one things will he start looking for the real.

Err – to err is human, that is the way to learn. Go astray – going astray is the way to come back home.

Forget God so that you can remember him. Escape from God so one day the thirst becomes a fire in you and you have to come to God again… Like a hungry man, like a thirsty man.

When something is given to you – and you were not seeking it, and you were not even asking for it, you were not ready even to receive it.

For the Kohinoor to come into your life again, you will need a thirst for it. You will need to feel a great missing – something missing inside your being. You will need a great desire. All desires should become lesser desires, and God becomes the supreme desire, the topmost desire.

A deaf person is a deaf person, a blind person is a blind person. If you don’t listen to experience, if you are deaf to experience, then you will go on repeating the same mistakes again and again and again. In fact, to say that you are repeating is not right: you are doing it again as a new thing because the last time you missed. It is not a repetition.

This is my understanding: that no mistake is ever repeated once you have understood it as a mistake. If you repeat it, it simply shows you are doing it fresh because the past has not entered in your consciousness yet.

You are doing it for the first time again, it is not a repitition. If you have understood it, then it cannot be repeated. Understanding is alchemical; it transforms you.

So i am not telling you to become very clever, calculating, and always thinking what is good and what is bad and what to do and what not to do, what is moral, what is immoral – I am not saying that. I am simply saying to you: wherever you are passing, pass with full alertness, so nothing that is wrong is repeated again.

This is the beauty of awareness: that which is right is enhanced through it; that which is wrong is destroyed through it. Awareness functions aas life energy to good and as death energy to bad.

You will be surprised that in Thailand there is a small tribe of very primitive people who, even if in their dreams harm somebody.. For example, if they beat somebody in their dreams, the first thing in the morning they have to go to that person and ask his forgiveness because, even though it was a dream, there must have been desire somewhere that created the dream. They tell the person, “I have not hurt you, and I am not going to ever hurt you. I have never been aware that there is a desire to hurt you, but there must have been because dreams are a part of reality. They just don’t come from nowhere.”

If you have done something wrong, go to the person. Be humble, ask forgiveness. Only that person can forgive you, nobody else – neither the Ganges nor God.

People ordinarily think that forgiveness is for those who are worthy of it, who deserve it. But if somebody deserves, is worthy of forgiveness, it is not much of a forgiveness. You are not doing anything on your part; he deserves it. You are not really being loving and compassionate. Your forgiveness will be authentic only when even those who don’t deserve it receive it. It is not a question of whether a person is worthy or not. The question is whether your heart is ready or not.

Buddha said, “If you cannot create, you have no right to destroy. If you cannot give life, you don’t have the right to give death to any living thing.”

The question is not whether anybody is worthy or not. The question is whether you have the consciousness, the abundance of love – then forgiveness will come out of it spontaneously. It is not a calculation, it is not arithmetic.

Life is love, and living a life of love is the only religious life, the only life of prayer, peace, the only life of gratitude, grandeur, splendour.

In this existence, nobody is a stranger. The sinner and the saint are not two separate worlds. The real saint is one who has chosen to become so conscious that a third – a witness, a watcher – arises in him that can watch the sinner, that can watch the saint, and that knows that the saint and the sinner are two sides of the same coin.

When you start looking at life with no judgment, with no prejudice, then you are in a state of right-mindfulness.

Judging is wrong. To be in a state of non judgment is right. Right not against wrong, but right because all wrong and right have disappeared. You have no opinion. You don’t carry a philosophy in the mind.

You are simply a mirror. When you come before the mirror, the mirror does not say, “You are beautiful, you are ugly” – it simply reflects. It reflects without condemnation, without appreciation – it reflects choicelessly. It just reflects.

To live in the mind is wrong. To live without mind is right, because without mind, the consciousness exists in its purity, mirrorlike – it simply reflects.


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