Surrender by Osho

First, surrender is possible only if you have a will. Ordinarily people think that a man who has a will, will not be able to surrender.

People think that weaklings, those whose wills are not very strong, can surrender. That is not right.

Only very, very willed people, who have a strong willpower, can surrender – because surrender is the ultimate in willpower.
It is the last and there is nothing higher than that. To surrender you will need great will. You will have to put all your willpower into it, only then will the surrender happen.


That’s why I say it is an amazing statement. It is very contradictory, but life is like that – paradoxical.
And this is one of the fundamental paradoxes: the paradox of will and surrender.


Surrender happens only when there is great will. But when surrender happens, the will disappears, and not even a trace is left.

Surrender is the will committing suicide. And only when your will has committed suicide can God’s will flow into you. These 2 opposites can meet:  your surrender and God’s will.


Surrender means receptivity. When you are receptive, utterly receptive, God can descend into you.


You cannot say: “First I have to encounter God, only then will I surrender, ” because there is no way for you to encounter him.


The only way to encounter him is to surrender because when you are surrendered he comes. You can know him only after surrender, not before surrender.




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