Live in the present

My offering to my master ~ From the book, Living with the Himalayan masters by Swami Rama


What did I offer my master? I will tell you. When I received my second step of initiation, at the age of fifteen, I had nothing with me.
I thought, “All these rich people come with baskets of fruit, flowers, and money to offer to their teachers, but i have nothing to give.”


I asked my master, “Sir, what is the best thing for me to offer?” He said to me, “Bring me a bundle of dry sticks.”


I thought, “Surely if someone brings such sticks to his teacher, his teacher will kick him.” But I did as he instructed. I brought him a bundle of dry sticks, and he said, “Offer it to me with all your heart, mind and soul.


I looked at him and thought, ” He is so wise and educated. What has happened to him today?”


He said, “This is the greatest gift you can ever give me. People want to give me gold, silver, land, a house. These valuables mean nothing to me.”

My master explained that when you offer a bundle of dry sticks to a guru he understands that you are prepared to tread the path of enlightenment.

It means, “Please relieve me from my past, and burn all my negative thinking in the fire of knowledge.”


He said, “I will burn these dry sticks so that your past karmas do not affect your future. Now I am giving you a new life. Do not live in the past. Live here and now and start treading the path of light.”


Most people brood on the past and do not know how to live here and now. That is the cause of their suffering.


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