The paradox of the arrow

Interesting conundrum:

Or consider this, told to a condemned man: Speak! If you lie, you will be hanged.
If you tell the truth, you will be put to the sword.

So the prisoner says: I will be hanged!
After much tortured discussion, the jailors decide they have no choice but to release him.


“The paradox of the arrow” ~ Zeno of Elea ( From the book, “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe ~ Robert Lanza”)

Starting logically with the premise that nothing can be in two places at once, he reasoned that an arrow is only in one location during any given instant of its flight.

But if it is only in one place, it must momentarily be at rest.
The arrow must then be present somewhere at some specific location, at every moment of its trajectory.

Logically, then, motion per se is not what is really occurring. Rather it is a series of separate events.

This may be the first indication that the forward motion of time – of which the movement of the arrow is an embodiment –
is not a feature of the external world but a projection of something within us, as we tie together things we are observing.

By this reasoning, time is not an absolute reality but a feature of our minds.

Let us consider for a moment, that you are watching the film of an archery tournament, with Zeno’s Arrow paradox in mind.

An archer shoots and the archer flies.The camera follows the arrow’s trajectory from the archer’s bow toward the target.
Suddenly, the projector stops on a single frame of a stilled arrow.

You stare at the image of an arrow in mid-flight, something you obviously could not do at a real tournament.

The pause in the film enables you to know the position of the arrow with great accuracy – it’s just beyond the grandstand, twenty feet above the ground.

But you have lost all information about its momentum. It is going nowhere; its velocity is zero. Its path, its trajectory, is no longer known. It is uncertain.

Conversely, as soon as you observe momentum, you can’t isolate a frame – because momentum is the summation of many frames.

We see only that for which we are looking.

People accept that time exists as a physical entity because we have invented those objects called clocks, which are simply more rhythmic and consistent than  buds flowering or apples rotting.

In reality, what’s really happening is motion, pure and simple – and this motion is ultimately confined to the here and now.



  “La vita e Bella *!! (Life is beautiful*) (* Conditions apply)  May the force be with you!!!! Never lose your humility 🙂 Be humble 🙂

“As you think, so shall you become!!” “Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.”


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